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Effetti delle manovre osteopatiche HVLA su nervi e muscoli



High-velocity low-amplitude thrust manipulations (HVLAM) are routinely used in osteopathic treatment. Despite the large number of studies that have been realized till now, the effects of spinal HVLAM on the physiological properties of muscles and nerves are not fully characterized.


Our data show that the conduction velocity, but not the amplitude of the T reflex, is significantly increased by HVLAM in both soleus muscles with small to medium effect size. SM neither changes the amplitude nor modifies the conduction velocity.


Our data show that a lumbar L4/L5 HVLAM modifies the electrophysiological properties of the soleus T reflex.

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Ricerca in terapia manuale, a che punto siamo?

La ricerca in terapia manuale è in continuo miglioramento. Ciò nonostante ancora molte sono le problematiche che separano osteopati e terapisti manuali dall’evidenza scientifica e clinica.
L’articolo pubblicato dal Dr. Peter A. Huijbregts su The Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy fa un sunto della situazione visto “da dentro”, ovvero da chi da molti anni è attivo in prima linea in questo campo.
Ne consigliamo la lettura a chiunque si occupi di osteopatia e terapia manuale.

“Despite forays into editing, consulting, and teaching, I still consider myself first and foremost a clinician. And, at that, I like to think of myself as an evidence-based clinician. For me this appreciation of the importance of research in my day-to-day clinical decision-making did not come easy. My entry-level degree in physical therapy strongly emphasized authority-based knowledge and clinician expertise. I considered courses in research methodology and statistics as curriculum fillers and mere lip service to the supposed scientific foundation of my new profession. But who could blame me for this negative attitude some 20 years ago when the research basis for physical therapy was very meager indeed? And even if there was any relevant research, it certainly was not introduced to me during my early studies.”